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What is SEO? How is it beneficial for your business?

Having a presence on the Internet has many advantages for any business with the use of quality website design. These include the possibility of reaching more potential customers, increasing sales, and saving on promotion. In this article, we will discuss the ways that your small or medium sized business can take advantage of these benefits.

The main thing is to have a plan and defined digital marketing strategies. Within the tactics that you apply, you should not leave aside Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is the set of actions that you apply on the website and outside of it to improve your visibility and get positioned in the results of search engines. They are tactics that are used by search engine crawlers to find things on the web. In this way, they identify what it is about, classifies it, and gives it a position on the results page.

By applying an appropriate SEO strategy, the business benefits from more organic visits. It allows to improve the branding and increases the credibility of the business. It also favors conversions. Although in principle, not all visitors are converted into sales, there are more possibilities to obtain customers.

How will SEO Help Your Business?

  1. Improves visibility and brand awareness

A key part of SEO is the keywords. Keywords are the terms for which you want to position yourself on Google or any other search engine. Choosing the right keywords, focused on the niche you are targeting will make more people find you.

In other words, they will improve the visibility of your website. The keywords must be related to your business, with the products and services you offer. Do not limit yourself to the main keyword, have one for each page that you want to position and look for similar words with which you can replace them.

When a user searches the internet, he does not do it for a single term. The chances are that they will change the search parameters several times. That's why using synonyms, and specific terms will give you more opportunity to position yourself.

By appearing on the results page, the user will be aware of your brand. Timely information and quality content will make them remember your website.

  1. Increase the credibility of your business

Being in the first places of Google or any search engine is a sign of confidence. Getting there means that the search engine thinks that your website is relevant and that it offers valuable content to users.

Then, whoever sees your site among the top ten results will assume that you are a reliable source. Also, few users will go beyond the first page of results in search of information.

75% of people only see the first page of results, according to Search Engine Journal.

  1. You get quality traffic

SEO will attract qualified traffic to your website. With these techniques, you seek to reach people who are interested in your products or services and to increase conversions. This is achieved by segmenting users and optimizing with your buyer in mind.

Choosing the right keywords is essential to get quality traffic. It should be noted that not all visits will become conversions. However, the more people enter the web, the more chances there are to sell more, get more downloads, subscriptions or whatever your goal is.

  1. It is a long-term strategy

As we mentioned, no website is positioned from one day to the next. In counterpart, when you apply an SEO strategy, the results are more lasting over time. This differentiates it from other campaign types that are only temporary.

It is worth spending the necessary time to plan and execute the SEO strategy. Because once you are in position, you will only have to stay in the first places. If you have questions about how to develop a strategy you can contact us and ask for a free quote.

  1. Improved web usability

Web optimization is composed of external and internal factors. This last group includes the actions taken within the website to improve positioning. It is also known as SEO on-page.

The on-page SEO actions are applied not only to facilitate the tracking of the pages by the bots of the search engines but also in facilitating the browsing your website for users.

For this, we must pay attention to the design and architecture of the page. So that the visitor finds what he is looking for in a few clicks. The loading time of the web must be reduced, and a network of internal links must be created to facilitate navigation.

  1. SEO is a profitable strategy

We already mentioned that SEO is not free; it requires some investment. However, in return, the benefits are greater than what you get with other digital marketing strategies. The Return on Investment of SEO is higher than traditional advertising.

This strategy allows reaching the people who are interested in your product or service in an organic way. By identifying your target audience, you apply actions to attract them, convert them into clients and then retain them.

Also, you have the opportunity to identify new market niches. Therefore, to develop new business ideas.