How to Market A Cannabis Business

How to market a cannabis business?

Every business regardless of the products it sells, requires marketing to achieve success. However, when it comes to marketing a cannabis business, it is sad to say that the current status of cannabis is still under flux. Many cannabis businesses are having a hard time navigating through advertisement restrictions that are placed by the state legislators.  

Also, building national awareness across the limitations of federal and state laws is even more difficult. So the question is, how to build that audience for your cannabis business that you’re longing for?

Even though the cannabis industry is fairly limited in the type of advertising and marketing it can utilize, there are still numerous tactics and tips that a business owner can implement. Below are the few do’s and don’ts that a cannabis business owner can use when crafting their marketing strategy:


Don’ts of the cannabis business

Avoid Marketing Your Cannabis Business to Minors

The key is to be wise about the branding that you are planning to use as well as the locations you choose to advertise your product. Make sure you keep the age restrictions in mind while setting up an advertisement.

The industry is developing quickly. However, it is still in its early stages. Many people are still raising concerns and questions about the legalization of cannabis and its impact on minors.

Using strategies like cartoon mascots and other messaging to appeals to minors won’t only hurt the business image, but will also harm the overall concept of the cannabis industry.

Avoid Infringement on Any Existing Brands Copyrights, Regardless of the Industry

Well-known mainstream companies won't be keen if a cannabis business mimics their trademarks and brands. Not to forget, when Hershey’s sued a small dispensary for trademark violation after the dispensary started carrying edibles known as Mr. Dankbar” and “Reefer’s Cups”. Such big names can afford to go after a smaller business and they will, if they want to detach their name with marijuana or cannabis.

Dos of the cannabis business

Make sure companies, and customers can buy everything they need online

Cannabis itself isn’t available, but just about every other product related to it can be bought online. This includes individual use items such as pipes, bongs, rolling papers and vaporizers (vapes) along with growing supplies and other such products.

Engagement is happening on digital platforms

Based on the recent observations, multiple e-commerce platforms are helping businesses that deal in cannabis related products. Platforms like, LeafLink is an extensive online marketplace that sells tools, Baker and suite is a CRM designed precisely for this industry of cannabis, and other such platforms also exist to help spread the word about the usage of cannabis. Using such a platform in your favor will help generate more traffic to your business.


Other strategies cannabis business should implement

  • Facebook groups
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Local directories