The Importance of High Quality Content in SEO


The importance of high-quality content in SEO


The phrase "content is king" resonates throughout the internet, but do you really know what it means? Do you know the impact that the content plays in terms of SEO (organic positioning in search engines)? If your answer is no, you are at the ideal time to learn more about what quality content is and the role it plays in a digital strategy.

Generating quality content for SEO, one should do this while keeping Google in mind as you need to make surer the content you product if accepted by Google and is according to its specific guidelines.

Why Google? Well basically because it is the number one search engine in many countries. But what does "quality" mean for Google? This search platform that most of us know constantly makes efforts to improve their search results, resulting in providing more quality and educational, informative and useful content for users.


But people do NOT read on the internet ... they say

Most people believe that, but honestly, if you want to be on the internet, you cannot get carried away by this.

In terms of computing there is simple logic: if Google has no content, what can you detect? In Google Images, Google classifies images. In Google Video-YouTube, Google classifies videos and, in the same way, in the normal Google search section, Google classifies the text; that is, your written content.


Many companies or businesses believe that "something" is better than nothing - ERROR!

If the company or business has nothing of value to add or say, I think the recommendation would be better not to publish anything because for Google to take your content into account, it has to comply with some characteristics.

Here we share the four things to consider that will help you excel on Google:

  • Quality content: well-written content. Google considers this to increase the ranking of your website.
  • Original content: create unique content that is not available on other sites. Originality is very important and not doing so will make you lose ranking on the Google results page.
  • Relevant content: generate content that defines what you do or offer. Otherwise, you will not be able to publish it.
  • Use your keywords several times, but in an appropriate way: you have to define well the words through which your client can find. Make sure to place it enough times for Google to confirm throughout your text. Some people think using the keyword just one time isn’t enough. However, it depends on your market and the length of your content. Feel free to experiment and once you find what best for you, stick to it.

In short, for a website to achieve great things one must focus on the quality of the content they choose to use to represent their product. Make sure the content you are using is high- quality, unique and informative. If your content has all of these three characteristics, it will definitely help with your rankings.