Types of marketing strategies, how they work?

Types of seo agency strategies, how they work?

There are many marketing strategies and, although they are all functional, it is the mix and the decision of what to use which allows generating results.

Types of marketing strategies


Segmentation is one of the essential points to take into account. This strategy depends on the success of a campaign. A bad segmentation can bring us huge traffic and little conversion or low qualified prospects. This can translate into the closing of a low sale.

It is convenient to know you the buyer to gain better recognition of the brand and end. The better you know your audience, the more sales you will make over time.

There are several KPIs to measure loyalty.


It improves the perception of the brand and makes sure your brand become a top priority for the consumer. In addition to that, it also highlights the desired attributes of the product or service that serve as differentiators between the competitions.

To achieve a good position, it is necessary to generate a preliminary analysis in identifying what your main consumers are? What differentiator do you want to highlight? And what will be the best actions to take?

Identify where you are and what is the positioning of your brand at that moment?

  • Establish what elements can lead to a more effective anchoring in the minds of consumers.
  • Give coherence to all the elements so that they have a better impact.

When we talk about positioning, we do not only work with the brand as shown above but with the company and the client.


The improvements can include issues of corporate identity, creation of buyer persona, the definition of niches. It is a process that helps to strengthen the credibility, confidence, and coherence of the company. Remember that not everything is quantitative; many processes are qualitative.

Always remember, there is a significant number of consumers who buy for service, customer service or experiences.


The most important value to achieve positioning is credibility. This concept can be surrounded by fundamental elements such as coherence and inspired confidence.


The loyal strategy revolves around its concept in the sense of establishing trust between the brand and the client. A customer who trusts you will choose and always buy the products or services of your brand. Loyalty also helps retentive.

There are several types of marketing strategies. There are also comprehensive plans that offer more complete results because they take each of these techniques in a planned to reach clear objectives. Marketing strategies are like cooking, you have a range of ingredients, and they can prepare different dishes according to what the client requires.