What is Keyword Research and How Does it Help?

Competitor Keyword Research

What is keyword Research? And how it’s done?


Being a beginner in the world of web 2.0, where keywords take a very important role among all the material to help you an index. Once you’ve decided to start your website, you will have to make sure you do proper keyword study to have success in this competitive world of online marketing. Here is how it’s done:

Why is the study of keywords important?

Keyword study is one of the most valuable and profitable activities in the field of marketing. When researching the demand for keywords in the market, not only can you know the terms and phrases to start doing a good study of keywords that every SEO strategy should have. Also, it is also important to obtain more information from clients, how they behave and how they search for products and services on the web.


What is a Keyword Research used for?

  • For Adwords campaigns
  • For SEO positioning
  • To detect new opportunities


It’s not always just about getting visits to the site but to also get the right profile of potential customers. With keyword research, you can predict possible changes in demand, respond to market conditions and produce products, services, and content, etc. Before choosing the keywords with which you want to position, you have to ask yourself several things:


What are the chances to succeed?

When doing a keyword study, it is important to know the demand for the keywords. Is it worth using a keyword with high demand but impossible to position? The difficulty of positioning comes for several reasons: you will need a lot of time for Google to allow you to be in the top 10 if you use a keyword for which others are already positioned and second, to use a keyword that is widely used does not mean that your traffic will generate conversions.


Will my audience/consumers find what they are looking for on my site?

At this point, we want to analyze the competence of the keywords. You can have all the audience in the world but not generate the conversions you want. The audience that wants specific products can find you if you use the correct keywords and long tail strategy, which we tell you later, to get closer to the market niche that interests you the most.


Will they buy on my site?

You also need to find out if the keywords that you choose are worth it? And if they can generate the purchases, you expect. They can be less specific keywords and may need a lot of work later. Also know which of them, within the same semantic field are giving you the best results.


The study of keywords will be based on:

  • Your website (the authority, the number of pages, the content)
  • Your goals (traffic, branding, sales or leads)
  • Your budget
  • Demand and competition

No SEO strategy can be successful if you do not use a good keyword study. Analyzing words, knowing new niches and generating qualified traffic are several of the main objectives for which these studies are carried out. Any failure can cost the web both economic losses and visibility, so the figure of SEO is more than necessary in marketing departments.


Why is the Research of keywords important?

  • Help locate new business opportunities
  • Avoid high bounce rates
  • Avoid economic losses
  • Help you avoid CPC (Cost per Click) exaggeratedly high
  • About to know better how the competition works
  • Help to attract qualified traffic
  • And above all, to generate conversions