What is Proximity Marketing Ultimate Guide Seedless Media Agency


Define proximity marketing (ultimate guide)


Proximity marketing is the communication of business with its customers, based on the proximity of its location. Due to its characteristics, it is usually closely linked to geolocalized advertising and, therefore, to geomarketing, which has been heavily supported in recent years thanks to the location information currently offered by mobile phones.

Proximity marketing takes advantage of the proximity of customers to communicate with them and try to convince them to approach their establishment and purchase their products or services. For this reason, proximity marketing is characterized by fast, close and direct marketing.

The biggest example for years of proximity marketing has been the distribution of advertising brochures, but it is an action that has been outdated by other options linked to technology that also greatly facilitate the measurement of its effectiveness.


Examples of actions that can be done in proximity marketing



Sending SMS segmented according to the geographical area is one of the most direct options for contacting users. Although in the past the sending of SMS was something very common among users, with the arrival of messaging apps, now it is not as frequent among users.

However, all people who have a mobile phone can receive this type of communication and since they are so infrequent, they attract more attention to the user and generate a greater impact, although they can also be considered more intrusive by users.


Bluetooth, beacons, and NFC

The Bluetooth and NFC technologies allow the transfer of files without the need for cables. In this way, you can share promotions, brochures, etc. Without the need for the user to connect with a cable. In addition, Bluetooth technology allows you to send a notification of sending files.

The beacons are small devices that can easily be attached to a wall and send via Bluetooth messages or files to nearby devices.


Mobile apps and push notifications

The applications have become the favorite choice of many companies to do proximity marketing. This is because with a notification we can acquire permissions to have more information about our clients and also be able to send them to push notifications that they will see on the phone with the communications of the company.

They are becoming a very common solution for restaurant or restaurant-related app since a push notification of that type when you're hungry can be very effective, right?


QR codes

QR codes do not have to be linked to proximity marketing, but they are also used in this type of strategy. Through the, we facilitate access to a web page, without typing your address in the browser.

The drawback is that you need a special application to read these types of codes are not very common in users' mobile phones, so their success is usually limited


What advantages does proximity marketing have?

Proximity marketing is not very common, but far from being an inconvenience that is the first of its advantages because it allows to highlight other actions and attract the attention of customers. Beyond this advantage, proximity marketing also offers other benefits:



The closeness that gives the customer is one of the positive factors of proximity marketing. This closeness facilitates the action on the part of the clients and they are in a situation in which it is more possible that they acquire these products or services, precisely because of their proximity.



Being able to communicate these messages whenever we want, allows us to be able to look for the moment in which there is more possibility that the client ends up acquiring our product and service.

On the other hand, if you look for a service like the one we offer in the area and we get to it in some way we will be winning a customer almost certainly.