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Types of marketing strategies, how they work?

Types of seo agency strategies, how they work? There are many marketing strategies and, although they are all functional, it is the mix and the decision of what to use which allows generating results. Types of marketing strategies Segmentation: Segmentation is one of the essential points to take into account. This strategy depends on the […]...
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How to Learn To Do Keyword Research

How to do keyword research?   The first thing that an SEO professional does to develop the list of keywords is to identify what the online business offers, how it wants to be known and who it wants to reach. To begin with, we need the most generic keywords that define the content of the […]...
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What is programmatic advertisement? Why is it important for growth?

What is programmatic advertisement? Why is it important for growth?   Each time a user accepts the so-called "cookies" within a web page, they are automatically accepting certain registered browsing parameters — one of the most common practices in the programmatic advertising environment. The technology of programmatic algorithms uses that IP trace and combines it […]...
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The Importance of High Quality Content in SEO

The importance of high-quality content in SEO   The phrase "content is king" resonates throughout the internet, but do you really know what it means? Do you know the impact that the content plays in terms of SEO (organic positioning in search engines)? If your answer is no, you are at the ideal time to […]...
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What is Proximity Marketing Ultimate Guide Seedless Media Agency

Define proximity marketing (ultimate guide)   Proximity marketing is the communication of business with its customers, based on the proximity of its location. Due to its characteristics, it is usually closely linked to geolocalized advertising and, therefore, to geomarketing, which has been heavily supported in recent years thanks to the location information currently offered by […]...
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How to Market A Cannabis Business

How to market a cannabis business? Every business regardless of the products it sells, requires marketing to achieve success. However, when it comes to marketing a cannabis business, it is sad to say that the current status of cannabis is still under flux. Many cannabis businesses are having a hard time navigating through advertisement restrictions […]...