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Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis marketing is increasingly important in Arizona. by 2018, the state received over 2000 applications for new dispensaries. Meanwhile, experts expect full legalization by the early 2020s. Seedless Media can help you ride at the pinnacle of the coming wave with a full-package of customer services to boost any campaign. 

Why is digital marketing important in the Cannabis industry? 

Online platforms are important anywhere. They are particularly close to the heart of the medical and recreational marijuana debate. Online newspapers, forums, and discussion through social media compelled voters to legalize medical use in 2010. 

Your market is online. Potential customers gather on platforms such as Facebook and Reddit to push their views and hear your message of healing. You need an encompassing strategy that works for you rather than against you online. 

Any strategy is multifaceted. We help cultivate a brand image that people respect and wish to be a part of, in turn generating traffic. A call to action drives anyone to visit your brick and mortar store. 

Keyword Stuffing no longer works 

Modern search engines are smart. Every major player continues to evolve. These companies profit by capturing more of the search market. Relevant content builds loyalty. 

Since 2010, the major search providers started incorporating penalties for common black hat tactics attempting to only increasing rankings. Google is now as smart as any five-year-old. It will fuss when you create illegible and useless information. 

While search engines get smarter, people flock to social media. Traditional media is dying but these communities are vibrant. Less than 25 percent of those between 18 and 35 view radio and television as important sources of information. Even boomers have multiple social media profiles. 

Finding a Cannabis marketing company that works 

Seedless Media provides the tools that allow you to grow organic traffic while building a community. Our tools help you create compelling calls to action that allow your marketing material to provide dividends well beyond initial release. 

We understand the importance of brand in the market. Combining SEO capabilities such as keyword searching with cutting edge analytics empowers campaigns from start to finish. Tune your message as the results pour in. 

We also help professionals with limited or no knowledge. Our experts work with your business to find brand elements that stick in the places where your current and future customers come together. Marketing is an increasingly complex science requiring knowledge of human behavior to work. 

Where can I find an Arizona marketing firm for my dispensary? 

Seedless Media started in Phoenix and serves the entire state. Our intimate knowledge of the laws and regulations affecting Cannabis professionals is unparalleled by off-the-self solutions. An appropriate marketing and SEO solution can increase your bottom line by over ten percent. 

Never rely on a shady provider or the promise of instant views. Our experts know how to get the job done. If you are looking to be heard in the increasingly lucrative and saturated Cannabis industry, get in touch with us today. 

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