Customer Loyalty Rewards Program with Free Wifi

With locations Nationwide, powerhouse Curaleaf booked us to elevate their Customer Loyalty Program. Introducing the Wifi Hotspot allowed access to pivotal visitor data and opted-in consumer information. A brief survey categorized thousands of patrons by their preferences, sending automated messages catered to specific groups. Additional points can also be offered based on number of visits. You just might find us in new locations coming soon!

Client: Curaleaf
30% increase in monthly Walk-ins
$8k monthly Incremental Revenue
6 Valleywide Locations

seedleSs. 420 Flyaway Tour Contest with Curaleaf

Our ties with seedleSs. and our Partnership with Curaleaf brought us an additional opportunity as well. The good people from Slightly Stoopid were in town for a tour, and who better than us to bring them by? The legendary band's in-store appearance generated unique organic social reach valleywide and beyond. The Days on the Green Festival was amazing, and Vegas was awesome too!

Client: Curaleaf