Top of Mind Awareness on Mainstream Media

While we've been able to assists clients in all fields of business, canna biz is admittedly our favorite. Big Mike can be seen spreading the good word on various networks including FOX, Chedder, and My Yahoo Finance. Our genuine organic traffic has helped to boost his following on Instagram, now approaching 3 millions followers. Engagement rates soared to new heights through utilizing our network of Social Influencers by connecting with real users. No bots, no fake accounts. We continue to work and live by Big Mike's motto: Making Cannabis an Acceptable and Everyday Part of Healing Humanity.

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Grammy Award Winner Meets Full Service Ad Agency

Aside from canna biz management, music is definitely our second love. When offered a chance to work with Grammy award winning producer Zaytoven, we jumped at the opportunity. With a combination of themed accounts on Instagram and Snapchat utilizing the 'Swipe Up' feature, we’ve managed to drive viral traffic with over 20 million impressions! Noted as "Double Platinum" equivalent streams, we are proud to help with building massive brand awareness for the Atlantic Record/Warner Music Group marketing team.

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Seven Touches from Social Media

Helping to introduce 'The #1 Personal Airfilter' was a blast. Creating custom content with merchandise, giveaways and more allowed us to expand our branding ventures. Working with Mr. Smokebuddy gave us the opportunity to share something that all canna fans could use and enjoy. Informing patients how to 'keep your smoke to yourself' with social influencers opened many new avenues for viewership. This universal product can now be found everywhere, from your local smokeshop to your favorite major online retailer.

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Real Live Engagement with Real Live People

We always make sure to take care of family here at seedleSs. Media. With an interesting start in music, Carl Denali made his way to the forefront of canna influencing with guerrilla marketing. His dedicated team quickly became known for their creative private seshs and Denali's hosting. By working with us and growth hacking on Instagram, he's achieved an even higher status. His social media presence has boosted him to hosting the Timeless Vapes 420 Gala for a second time. Watch his live variety mashup series The Carl Denali Show, gearing up for Season 2 this Summer on the seedleSs. Media Network.

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