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Dispensary Marketing

Dispensary marketing is at the core of a booming industry. States that legalized marijuana in the early 2010s cultivated multi-billion-dollar industries. Seedless Media specializes in cannabis marketing among our stake in other markets. 

Who should I be targeting in the Cannabis industry? 

Legalization tends to come in waves. Medical marijuana slowly transitions to full legalization. In states such as Colorado, the entire process started at the city level. Here in Arizona, the process is working more slowly but continues to gain traction. 

After legalizing medical grade products in 2012, analysts predict that voters will call for full legalization by the early 2020s. You need to be prepared for the coming wave. 

Dispensaries need to reach the most lucrative parts of their customer base. This currently means promoting content for pain management to medical customers and finding the websites, forums, and social media pages they frequent. 

Can digital marketing improve my footprint? 

Since medical legalization in 2018, the number of dispensaries took flight. In 2018 over 852 caregivers and 5449 businesses registered for a license to sell marijuana. Sales topped $400 million last year. 

The market is both lucrative and cluttered. Opening a business and relying on a catchy name and flashy sign no longer works. You have a healing message to promote and a dream of helping. 

Digital marketing helps you reach potential customers with your message, knowledge, and brand more than traditional mediums. Showing how you help your community on websites such as Facebook drives customers to your website. 

Can I use social media to sell my product? 

Most platforms do not allow for anything more than advertisements or small purchases through an online marketplace. However, an appropriate marketing campaign leverages the power of these companies to promote your brand. 

In a way, social media does sell when combined with an appropriate call to action. Thousands of additional customers can improve revenue by over ten percent for dispensaries entering the digital marketing space for the first time.  

Your image is your most important asset. Show your current and potential customers that you care about their problems and they will reach out to your organization for the care they deserve. 

How can I promote my business? 

At the end of the day, you cannot stay open on love alone. You need revenue to continue to support your community. 

Our business is your business. We promote your company by creating or aiding in scientifically generated campaigns. Content marketing, SEO, marketing analytics, and research empower your business. 

We take what you do best and make it known to the world using proven tactics. Do not rely on people promoting keyword stuffing or cheap solutions. Doing so can do more harm than good, especially with search engines penalizing for obvious marketing. 

Channeling natural traffic and the power of social media allows us to grow your company. If you are looking for a comprehensive strategy to bring your business to the next level, Seedless media is your go to source for dispensary marketing. Get in touch with our professionals today. 

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