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Digital Marketing for the Canna Business


SEO is complicated. Old tactics no longer work. Instead, SEO is part of a broader digital marketing strategy. At Seedless Media, we know how to make you visible in increasingly profitable and saturated markets. 

How can I get my message in front of my customers? 

Your brand is your most important asset. It actually is the most critical part of SEO. 

Search engines are smarter than ever before. Google understands when you are trying to game the system with keyword stuffing and useless or repeated information. Relevant and useful information is critically important. 

SEO is now an all-encompassing effort. Google uses information from social media, visitor counts, and relevancy and visitor counts to create a better ranking system. Essentially, you need to create a natural community building process become visible. 

How can I build a community and improve my rankings? 

Community building is about being useful. If your brand is important, connects with people, and is viewed as authoritative, people will flock to your website. 

Promoting yourself on and offline has a significant impact on your rankings. A catchy sign and creative name are no longer enough. What you do and how you promote what you do matter in the world of SEO. 

Get yourself in front of your base with a solid social media page. Every post helps build credibility. Finding relevant keywords no longer merely applies to your website. You need to know how the market thinks and evolve a unique and creative SEO campaign on a variety of platforms. 

Social media SEO 

Social media is no longer just Facebook. Reviews on map applications and Yelp, pictures on Reddit, and Twitter posts empower your rankings. Google is becoming increasingly proficient at understanding images in addition to text. 

As search engines evolve to use social media platforms, so does SEO. These platforms create the perfect opportunity to show your green side, create a message of care, and provide expert information for the ultimate experience. 

You become more visible as people flock to your content. This creates a feedback loop where an adequate call to action drives potential customers to a sale on your website. Taken together, you can conquer the market. 

SEO by the Numbers 

All marketing is about research. The science of branding no longer relies solely on intuition. With no unexplored frontier, even in the field of Cannabis, you need to be on top of your game. 

Seedless Media provides a complete solution to marketing your business no matter if you are a plumber or dispensary. Our tools provide relevant feedback to help you start and tune a campaign. Over time, increased visitors and better content can create as much as a 13 percent increase in revenue. 

SEO is about brand. Well-researched and relevant content on many platforms is necessary to push your potential customers to act. Seedless Media offers the tools and help to empower a productive marketing campaign. 

Our SEO tools build interest in a natural way. Get in touch today to find out how we can help. 

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